Medieval Props [High Poly Models]

Hello Community,

i am working at the moment on medieval props for university qualifying examination.

So i started today and made some easy 3d models. Some feedback would be appreciated.

To-Do Current Work:

  • 20 3D Medieval Assets
  • Proper UV´s
  • Painting in Substance Painter/Designer
  • Importing the work into UE4
  • Creating a Scene

These where really standar models. The UVs need to be layed out more proberly. Looking forward to see it when it gets more improvement.

Update: #New Model Done - Merchant Shop/Camp Outdoor

Thank you for feedback. I haven´t done anything to UV´s after modelling so they are just trash :D.
I will make the Uv´s properly before i will make my way to painter.

These textures were only standard random trash that i picked up in 10s ^^.

I cant give much feedback because these models are really standar and with almost no textures. I dont mean to be harsh or something but I encourages you to work more before sharing. Learn by my mistakes.

Thank you. I will then update this thread when i have done some texturing wörk :slight_smile: