Medieval Modular Swords with Craft UI

Heya! I am very happy to share our pack with you - Medieval Modular Swords with craft UI.

The perfect solution for anyone looking for a variety of sword combinations with an easy-to-use interface. Create great swords in a couple of minutes just like in a video game.

Check out the Medieval Modular Swords trailer



  • A huge number of combinations of sword elements

  • Excellent quality of models and textures, as well as excellent optimization

  • Different materials for all parts: from rust-eaten iron to super-hard steel and silver

  • Need broken blades? Easily! Every blade has a broken and rusted version of it.

  • Three presets for different types of swords: one-handed, one-and-a-half-handed and two-handed.

Crafting Swords:

  • All parts of the sword are assigned their own parameters (damage, attack speed and blocking).) which are easy to change and use in the game

  • The material of the sword is also a modifier to its parameters and cost (for example, rusty has 0.8, which reduces damage and cost, and steel on the contrary 1.2, etc.)

  • After the creation of the sword appears in the world! You can either turn it into a mesh or use it in your game. You can create as many swords as you want in one go and turn them into meshes in turn.

  • Using RMB and LMB you can look at your excellent sword from different angles.