Medieval MMO

The idea of the game is to revolve around medieval style siege warfare between 3-4 factions. The game would be taking influence from ESOs “cyrodil”, For Honor’s/ Mount and Blade’s combat system, and Gloria Victus as a whole.

Intended Ideas:

  • Multiple Factions of different cultures
  • Siege Engines and destructible keeps/cities (Like ESO’s Siege mechanics with a little tweaks)
  • In depth crafting with many different styles of armors and weapons for each faction/culture
  • No combat abilities (maybe) and a classless style of play with multiple skill trees with different buffs for different play styles to simulate classes
  • Light Magic System where you can engrave weapons/armor to provide buffs overtime or perma buffs and maybe some support magic abilities like healing (or defense abilites?)
  • Guild Houses that can be rented and decorated in each city. As well as neutral Keeps in the middle of the map for guild wars that can also be somewhat customized to fit what the guilds wants.
  • Finally an e-store with cosmetics (This could be outfits, hats, emotes, mounts, house decorations, etc etc), limited time crafting styles to create a rarity among armors and weapons and give depth to crafters, and basic things like xp boosts for a short time or a crafting time decrease or something like that.

Team Structure**:**

Cole Daugherty (Co-Creator)
Audio Engineer/Sound Designer

Trace Meadors (Co-Creator)
Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Composer

Talent Required:

Literally everything other than sound.

There are no real requirements, however, please understand we are looking for people interested in finishing this game in a realistic amount of time. If you are a novice at what ever field you are in we may still take you however it would be up to who ever is the senior coworker in said field.

Please Read:

This is a passion project with potential to become self sustaining as MMOs in this genre are very lacking in quality. That being said this post is also merely to test the waters to see how many people are interested in this type of project. If there are enough people to commit to an undertaking like this and see it through to the end then we will proceed.

Please send me an email just explaining what jobs you can do and, or, any additional ideas to add the game. Also take the poll at the bottom just for quick reference of how many people are interested.

Discord: Garra#4026