Medieval Knight Character from Arteria3d

Arteria are pleased to announce the first in a line of new Knight Characters which are super high detailed, We will also shortly be releasing a large modular knight pack which has dozens of clothing and armour elements that fit together in unison so you can create many different knight styles. This release today - Knight C, is actually from that pack.

Any customer who purchases this today also, will receive $25 off the full price of the $100 Modular knight Pack when released.

This line of character are intended to be used as your Hero Character - i.e. main character in your project due to it being 50k. However if you purchase this today, you will also receive within a few weeks 2 LOD versions of the character also which will feature the character at 25k and 10k


We supply a FBX 2012 format in the pack that has been tested with Mixamo Animations - and all work flawlessly. In fact, they all look super!

Pack Contains:

Knight C Character

Formats include FBX and DAE


  • Albedo
  • Spec/Metal/Gloss
  • Normal Map
  • AO

Pack can be purchased this weekend for $19, raising to $26 after Monday.