Medieval House

Medieval House

As a 3D artist, I have always been fascinated by the art of photogrammetry. There is something mesmerizing about being able to capture real-life objects and transform them into digital assets. So, during my free time, I started to experiment with photogrammetry scanning and soon found myself with a collection of assets that I knew I could use for a project.

While I was searching for inspiration for my project, my mind kept wandering back to my grandfather’s house. His home had a certain charm that I just couldn’t forget, and I knew that I had to recreate it in my own way. Thus, I decided to create a 3D medieval house environment using a combination of my photogrammetry scanned assets and Megascan assets.

The project was both challenging and rewarding. I spent countless hours scanning various items such as clay pots, clay plate, clay bowl and other household objects. Once I had all the assets, I began to assemble them in a way that would mimic the layout of my grandfather’s house.

One of the things that I found most challenging about this project was the creation of textures. I wanted the environment to look as realistic as possible, which meant that I had to spend time creating textures that would be true to life. Luckily, Megascan assets provided me with a great starting point, and I was able to modify them to fit my specific needs.

As I worked on the project, I found myself becoming more and more immersed in it. Each time I added a new asset or tweaked a texture, I felt like I was getting closer to the finished product. And finally, after days of hard work, I was able to step back and admire my creation.

The final result was a stunning 3D medieval house environment that captured the essence of my grandfather’s home. I had successfully merged my love of photogrammetry scanning with my passion for 3D art, and the result was a beautiful tribute to my grandfather’s memory.

In conclusion, this project was not only a fun and challenging endeavor, but it also allowed me to connect with my past in a meaningful way. It reminded me of the importance of preserving our history and our memories, and how art can be a powerful tool in doing so. If you are also interested in 3D art, I encourage you to explore photogrammetry scanning and use it to create something that is personal and meaningful to you.


Hi there @Rohit121,

Hope you’ve been well and had a great week so far!

Quite a scene. The pottery and tools make it feel so used and lived in. The realism and immense detail of every asset are just perfection :slight_smile: My favorite part of this project, however, is this feeling of a warm summer morning. It’s always the scene a story can tell that makes me a fan - and you’ve definitely accomplished that.

Thanks for sharing and happy developing!

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