Medieval Game


My name is David and I have been working in Unreal for a short while now and want to start my first serious game! (I have worked longer with other engines)

To summarize what the game will be about: There will be 3 large cities, 1 will be bigger than the other 2. The 2 smaller ones will work together to fight the big city and YOU got to choose wich side you are on. There will be some smaller cities and villages around the map that you will go to when doing quests. Think like the game “Skyrim” but without and dragons and stuff.
You will get introduced in some whay and play a few quests and choose what side you are on, this is something we need to plan. I have already started planning on the map and some assets.

Who am I looking for?
-Programmer(s), you need to know what you are doing, know how to code.
-3D Artist, now how to model and texture, and import into Unreal 4
-People that can bring something, do you thing you can bring something to the game? Send me an email! :slight_smile:

-Be able to work in a team
-Have skype (For chatting)
-Be experienced with Unreal Engine so you know how it works.

NOTE: I will not stress anyone to work at a pace that doesnt fit their personal life. I want the team to feel good and take the time needed to complete a project. So if you dont have that much time, no worries. Just make sure that you can work on the project when we need to.

REVENUESHARE: The plan is to get the game on “Steam” im sure you are familiar with it. We need to make it appealing to the player and make a good trailer/teaser. All the earnings will firstly take care of all the costs (if we have any) and then we will split the revenue between us all. OR if we want to continue as a team (this is what i hope) and make a studio then we will put some money back into the studio for our next game and take a smaller cut each. So there is no pay until the game is released.

NOTE: This is just the planning phase and we will put alot of effort into the planning before we start with the actual game. If we see that i will not work, we will stop the project. If you have ANY ideas that might benefit the game, or ideas on what to add in the game, please tell me, we need to make this as good as possible.

We will also have a kickstarter when we have a playable demo with some free assets (or self made) and then if we need buy some serious assets after the kickstarter.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions: (yeah i know, good email) :slight_smile: