Medieval Game - Requiring Level Designer, Concept Artist and Story Writer

Good evening,

We are currrently looking for a few individuals for a **indie **medieval-fantasy game (warriors, mages, archers, etc) we are creating. focused on PvP, which already have most of the gameplay made.

Please see below what we’re requiring:

  • Level Designer: we currently have tons of assets for level design (enviromental and props), so the goal of the Level Designer would be to create the map based on a concept we have and start working from there, improving the idea itself. The map is around 5x5 - 10x10km: still to be discused, with two cities.

  • Concept/Illustrator Artist: the point is to have a bright mind to give us an idea of how the world could look like to work from that.

  • Story Writer; even though we have most of the gameplay made, we need someone to work on a story (we have a base/idea) to really give the game a purpose of playing and interacting with the in-game world itself, like quests.

  • UI designer: Mostly to create a new UI (textures).

We’ve been working on this for about 1 year and a half now.

If you have experience on this and are available, please send me a PM stating so and any previous work reference.

Best regards!

Hi there, Sent you a DM !

Hello, this sounds cool. I sent you a PM.

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Looking for more prospects before taking decisions. Send a PM!

Hi there!

I sent you DM.
Looking forward to hearing from you.



I sent you a DM.


Just sent you a private message.



Contact me if you’re still looking for a concept artist, thanks.



Rai Serrano