Medieval fps multiplayer game

Hi my name is Justice. I am looking for some creative artists that are both learning or experienced. I really don’t care for that matter. What I care about is creating an awesome and fun game. So for starters I am looking for artist who are very creative and dedicated to make a fun and playable game that you would want to play.

Unreal 4
Version 4.11.2

Positions Available:
Environment Artist
Concept Artist
Sound Designers
VFX Artists
Music Composers
Level Developers
Web Designers (For Website No domain yet)
Voice Actors (Anyone can do this including Me)

Basic Idea:
First Person medieval multiplayer game. With Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, Demolition, and Bonfire (similar to control points in TF2 and Overwatch)as gamemodes for starting.
Weapons contain ranged,melee and magic.
Multiple playable character (like black ops 3 specialist)

How to Contact Me:
PM me or on reply.

How we communicate:
We will communicate through skype. Here you will share what you have done and get feedback from other co-workers.

Can you share your WIP(Work In Progress) ?:
Yes please share all your work get feedback from forums and any other place to share it.

How to apply:
Just send me your portfolio. What has to be in it? Well anything that looks photo realistic. It is a medieval game so there are multiple races. If you don’t have a finished products send me a WIP.

Pay: Revenue Share (If Released)

For more info on the game itself. It will be discussed with members.