Medieval Fantasy Tavern

Howdy Folks

We’re announcing our **Medieval Fantasy Tavern Environment **on it’s way to the Marketplace! Submitted and now Approved for release, we’ll be featuring in the store soon. In the meantime, have a peek at our released screenshots and feel free to add any feedback or express your ideas for upcoming updates! We’re always looking to improve on our content packs so feedback is always appreciated.

An Internal Medieval Fantasy Tavern Environment featuring Architectural and Decorative Props. 4K Materials add a sense of realism to the scene, with atmospheric effects and lighting. 30 Mesh’s both Architectural and decorative props with blueprint lighting.

Does this pack include the “Tavern” building (in and outside)?

Hmm, a little feedback for you:

I think the surfaces are too clean or rather they are not rough enough. I think the PBR materials are not reflecting to the lighting realistically enough.
Hope this helps :smiley:

The pack is designed as a ‘modular internal environment’ meaning it ships with all architectual mesh’s such as walls, floors, roofs, however there’s no external to the building. It’s soley designed for indoor scenes. Hope this helps!

Constructive feedback always helps! That’s an interesting point, and perhaps something to look into in our first update, thanks for the feedback!