Medieval Fantasy PRO Audio Catalogue


Check it out the Evil Mind Medieval Fantasy catalogue:

Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle
Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle is the ultimate audio solution for epic fantasy video games.

Dungeon Audio Kit
Whether if you are creating an RPG with enemies in dark caverns, or an action pixel art dungeon crawler, this kit will help you to cover its audio development quickly and efficiently.

Dwarves & Elves Audio Bundle
Dwarves & Elves Audio Bundle is a very useful audio solution to give life to your elves and dwarves characters and their usual environments.

Orcs & Beasts Audio Kit
If you want to give life and presence to your orcs, dragons, wargs and goblins and the world maps and scenes based on them, don’t growl anymore: this pack is your great solution!

Magic Spells SFX Bundle
Magic Spells SFX Bundle is a complete SFX library offering many possibilities to soundtrack the magic aspect of your game.

Epic Battle & Adventure Music
If your project is a legendary adventure or a tactic battles game, this pack will be a great soundtrack to enhance the epic feeling. These music tracks suit perfectly for cinematics, main menu, adventure, battle or action gameplay, credits, promo trailers…

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any possibility to get all as once with 10% off?

Hi @Kanizitas,
Write us at with your request :wink: