Medieval European Town

Hello everyone,

Here is the first house that I made for medieval European town. It’s a timber frame house. My purpose is make AAA quality, realistic town.

I’m planing to do 4-5 houses and some additional buildings such as tavern, gatehouse etc. I will add some building parts to increase variation, also some props to fill the environment.

House’s LODs (triangles):
LOD0: 44171
LOD1: 21621
LOD2: 4837

These screenshots are from FPS test map (with lightmap):






Video from modified Kite Showcase map with dynamic doors & window shutters (no lightmap):

Doors and window shutters are separated objects. I combine them into two kind of blueprints. One is dynamic as you can see in the video. Other blueprints are static as you can see in screenshots from the FPS test map. Static ones has different poses, so you can use whichever one suits your needs. You can easily modify them or create your own.
Here are door & window shutter parts:

Here are static doors & window shutters with different poses (blueprints):


I hope you like it :slight_smile:

looking very good. Would be very interested in it.
Keep it coming pleas !
(maybe less screenshots would be sufficient :wink:

This looks fantastic, great job!

Very nice!
Maybe you can add a chimney/fireplace to the house?
Eliminate the moss on the interior walls?

Thank you very much guys :slight_smile:

I removed some of the shots :slight_smile:


I’m planning to add it to tavern but not houses probably. Chimney became common late 16th century, not very medieval. I will add a small cooking place as prop, something like Kingdom Come:
I can’t use different texture for interior, not very efficent :slight_smile: I want it humid and mossy, maybe I can reduce them.

That looks very cool, gg :wink:

That looks great!

But why you put four doors? closed and open… separate frame of the door, frame bps and door bps, 2 assets, no 4 xD is more useful to develop and we can get more combinations :P.


Thanks :slight_smile:

But if I separate frame and door this time developer put objects at least 2 times, 3 times for windows for example (first hinge than door or window shutters). That’s why I created these poses, just grab and put, I thought this would be quicker. But at the end, as I said you can easily create your own blueprint for your need. You may create a blueprint that contains house with doors and windows and just put it to your level.

Looks really nice! It gives a witcher’s feeling. Keep up the good work!

Wow, this looks really good. Can I ask how you made and calibrated the textures for pbr?
Keep up the good work!

Hi Tirido,

You can put separate frame and door, like assets, but you can create a BP with door and frame together, easy way to change assets inside of blueprint (doors or frames) if you put all together, we have less combinations and more assets :v. Work with windows is the same, separate frame like assets, and one BP with glasses and frames. Is more flexible to work i think.


Very cool.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I’m modelling second building right now. I hope i can finish it early next week.


Sorry, I didn’t see your comment. Well, basically, if necessary masking different material areas on texture and adjust roughness values, check in editor, adjust again and again. Right now roughness texture is separate texture but i will add it to alpha channel of base color texture since i’m using just roughness. This is a general answer but if you have more specific question i’ll try to answer as much as i can.


If i understood correct this is what i did. Hinges, doors and windows are separate assets. I combine them and give different poses with blueprints. But if you’re saying make one BP for each doors and windows, everytime user puts window_shutter_a BP to scene and change it’s shutter’s angle, all window_shutter_a BPs will change. That’s why i created pre-pose combinations.

Only one BP! to door and one BP to windows. If i need create a new pose, i can duplicate BP, or create a simple setter angle for doors, with one BP i can change hinges and doors, having more combinations (separate assets), and with a simple variable (change angle into BP) i can customize angle of the door in each BP into the map. Easy, simple, and more useful. This is only an idea for your work, your assets have an amazing look! Nice work.


Will this be completed and released one day?

Looks great! Will this still come to the marketplace?

Your rock texture on the walls looks wonderful, great job pulling in good stock photos and making them tile. One thing I would say you could do to improve it further would be to get some stronger parallaxing into the material. What would look insane for screenshots would be tessellation on those walls as well that could be turned on or off for performance. Would be the icing on the cake but obviously not something you’d want people to rely on to get make it pop

Thank you all :slight_smile: I postponed this project because I was working on another project which is finished and live on marketplace:

I will finish it, when, i can’t answer right now.

Thank you, actually it’s tessellated (you can see it better in interior scenes). But i changed the texture since it’s texel density wasn’t good enough.

This is an amazing medieval house. It looks so realistic. I hope you can finish the whole project soon :).