Medieval Era Survival Game

Project Title: Name has been chosen, but has not been publicly announced yet.

The game is setup in an open world survival game during the Middles Ages that encourages players to join with others to grow in power to ward off other communities. Through a tax and deed system the ruler of the community must manage to defend his settlement while keeping them happy and protected. Players can build houses, shops, castles, and with terraforming they can dig mines and caves. Resources are finite and must be taken care to not be wasted. The environment is interactive with the players, and animal populations can be killed off in areas due to over killing.

Terraform-able world
Full seasonal weather system

Previous Work:
Survival Plus Sponsored Mod

Talent Required:

  • Environmental Artist - Some one to build out the map, and integrate a weather system. We are wanting to go with a voxel solution to allow for terraforming. We have 2 different solutions in mind. Contact us if more information is needed on this. Voxel knowledge is not necessarily needed as long as you have experience with the standard UE solutions.

  • UI and or Blueprint help - The game has a very basic UI already implemented as place holders. We need some one to come up with a medieval theme UI and tie everything together nice and neat. Anyone with blueprint experience is open to apply as well as there are many opportunities to lend a hand.

  • Individual aspects will be paid out as contract work and will be paid per project. Those looking to stick with the game through development will have the option for royalties as well.

Our Team:
We currently have a 4 person crew and growing.


Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: AlleyKilla#6225

We have picked up some help, still looking for more interested parties.