Medieval Bar Environment

Hey All

I started working on a new Medieval Bar environment at the weekend. It’s the first proper environment i’ve been able to sit down and work on in over a year. Would love some feedback on my art direction and environment. It’s still very much WIP but I would love some feedback on it’s current state :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it looks great, can’t wait to see it with props !

The one thing I’d change is the roof. It looks realistic - which may be your intention - but also a bit boring. You could make it look more castle-like by making it higher, which could make the scene look more impressive. Just my two cents.

those torches would burn down da house :slight_smile:
I recommend to add a fireplace, more different furniture, bar, tableware and so on. also there is a marketplace pack already called “bumping pub” with medival pub assets. maybe it would be a good idea to add assets that are not already in that pack, so buyers can combine them?

Ohhh interesting, I’d like to give the higher roofing and grander scale a chance, could be interesting!

I’ve very aware about the torches but it was just a quick design decision, I’m thinking of some sort of self contained lamp, i’ve seen some awesome concept i’d like to give a try out but for now, FIRE! :slight_smile: All of the ‘props’ are still to be added, different tables, chairs, stools, traveller belongings, glasses/flagons, at the minute i’m just concentrating on getting that image of mood and environment down on paper :stuck_out_tongue: Hadn’t actually approached this with the intent of a marketplace pack but could be an idea, I’ll have a peek at whats currently offered and see what ideas and inspiration I can pick up :smiley:

Howdy everyone, I’ve taken this scene back up recently and have made a good few changes. Still very much WIP at the minute but I have some need screenshots to share in Detail Lighting. Really trying to work on the Mood of the environment, feedback much appreciated.

Good job, take look here: [FREE] 3D Models - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums
Maybe you can use some Lights if you like.
I really like medieval work.