Medieval animation pack

Hi Epic people ,

The starter animation pack is awesome for shooting weapons, but melee movements are missing for prototyping other games.
Coud it be possible to have some protoype medieval animation pack please :slight_smile: ?
Here is the list of animations that could be usefull :

  • sword attack
  • mage staff attack
  • blocking
  • run, idle , jump with the character carrying a sword and shield or a staff

Thanks for your time.

No one would use these for anything else than prototyping, since they would be the same for everyone, so I don’t know if this would be sensible use of expensive developer hours, when they could work on stability etc. in stead.

I’d rather reccomend you to check out these free mocaps:

Using IKinema, you can probably create some real magical stuff with these…

I already create animations for characters, i just forgot to precise for prototyping : this is corrected in the first post. Like the actual prototype pack it’s intended to quickly test melee type games before adding your own stylish movements.

No, it is not intended for protoryping.

Your need for animations are probably very different from the rest of us, even though we might be making games within the same genre. This means that the usability of these anims would be limited to very few people…
I’d rather they worked on the GI and the stability…

I am also making a melee game. I will just animate the weapons and show the traces. That should be enough for a prototype, at least for me :slight_smile:

You should request this in the marketplace instead. I don’t think this is something Epic should spend time on.

There are some animations you can use like from the Couch Knighs Sample game.
You should be able to retarget the animations they use there, and you could use these in your prototyping.

Also there are some Free Animations on the forum you could use.
Free Character animations in bip and FBX [Download] by LexLuthor1

Hope it helps.

This is a very old post, but in case someone is coming across this (as I was)… has great animations and you can import your character if you would like to use