Medical Lab Made in Unreal 4

This is one of my portfolio pieces from a class at school. I made all the assets and the materials. This was made from concept art.Any feedback would be appreciated.


do you do work paid or unpaid, would you be interested in starting a game I have thought about launching? I can tell you more.

Very nice job! Almost has this Doom3, SS2 feel going for it!

Did you use 3d studio max or something else?

Excellent effort there and very nice. Thanks for sharing.

It says at the top he used Unreal 4 to make this, unless i’m missing out the point of your question.

I like it man. Awesome lighting and mood. It does remind me a lot of that one medical bay in Doom 3 in the UAC station where the Dr was talking about people going nuts and such. Awesome work man the lighting is amazing too.

Nicely done. How long did it take you in total?

I like it but, blood… More blood splatter.

Looks good. Perhaps you could share more screenshots and a video?
Give credit, man…