MediaPlayer OpenUrl freezes

I am trying to stream some mp4 videos to my MediaPlayer during the game. When I want to change the video, I use the Open Url node in the Blueprint.

(Note: streaming => the files are not already on my device)

The change of URL seems to work well, but during the change, the game freezes.
I tried setting a temporary material on the TV while I do call the OpenUrl block, but it keeps freezing for some time. The freezing is more evident if the video chunk is bigger, so I think it could be related to the preloading of the file.

How can I call the OpenUrl node without stopping the game for a couple of seconds?

Is there any way you can possibly download the media ahead of time before you need to actually play it?
I’d like to be able to DL files rather than repeatedly stream the video and eat up bandwidth costs.

If you stumble upon anything related to permanently DLing what you stream, please let me know!

Are you on the forums by any chance? I am with the same user name, feel free to send private message.

Not with the standard mediaplayer, I think. It should be easily done with C++ code, though.

This problem was solved with the 4.11 release of the Unreal Engine.