Mediaplayer issues

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While I’m playing movie with

wmv file is ok, but not mp4. What restrictions for filetype or codecs does movieplayer have? (Target platform: PC/ PS4)

If I copy file into local storage (./Movies/) then even if I change url of movieplayer it works fine. but if I try to use web url, It crashes when I change url. I called openurl function right after closing movieplayer when it’s playing.

I want to switch movies which is published on web without crash.

Media URLs are not supported on PS4 yet - only files for now. It’s on the to-do list.

The only format that currently works on both PC and PS4 is MPEG-4 encoded (not H.264!) .mp files. We are working on improving this as well.

Update: HLS support on PS4 is scheduled to be available in 4.13

Hello Max!

Could you give me update on this issue? can we use url for ps4 media play?

I implemented HLS support last week, and it’s pretty close to being done. It will probably be in 4.13.

Thank you Max! that’s nice. Let me know when it is available. And a licensee is using UE4.9 who needs this feature. so could you also let me know that can this update be applied onto 4.9?

There are only two modules, Media and MediaAssets, and the rest is in plug-ins, so yeah, it should be pretty straightforward to merge it into 4.9. There may be a few dependencies to other changes in the Engine, but I can’t think of anything major off the top of my head. You could just give it a try and I can help out if needed.

Hello Max! Is HLS support was checked in? could you let me know what modules and plug-ins that are necessary? If HLS is not ready let me know when it’s ready.

Thank you.

It is not checked in yet. It’s scheduled to be merged into Master on July 19th.