MediaPlayer doesn't work pause correctly

I call pause method immediately after call OpenSource method, and it doesn’t work (video still playing):

but, if I add a delay ~0.6 [s] or more this work perfectly:

try wmv and mp4 videos and the result was the same.

I discovered that does not work only when the MediaPlayer has the “Play On Open” option enabled.

Hey John2094,

The workaround is probably working because the video has had time to load into memory and is allowed to play after the fact. With that said, I will run some tests on my end to verify this is working as expected.

Thanks for the report and I will return if I need more information.

Hey John2094,

Upon further investigation, this is not a bug, but just the order in which the Media Player is called when ‘Play on Open’ is enabled. I just ran a few tests on my end and can confirm what you are reporting. What is happening is you have two conflicting events firing at almost exactly the same time, and the ‘Play on Open’ is taking priority over the Pause function.

Adding a small bit of flow control to your logic is actually a good practice. In your case, you can even use a small value of .05 for the delay and it will still pause the video before you are able to see the first frame. So in this case you have two options which are acceptable means of calling the Media Source file to play. You can disable the ‘Play on Open’ option, or you can add a delay to your blueprint logic.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.