Media Textures Not Working In Standlone Mode Why?

So I have a problem I have been trying to use a media texture for my main menu background and everything was going fine (in viewport mode)

see here - Twin Darkness Game Update 4: Main Menu V1 - YouTube

But I was doing some testing last night and opened the game in standalone mode and the media texture didnt play at all any idea’s way ? (its driving me crazy)

Not to mention before I found this problem I had to keep hitting play every time I opened my project to get it to work on the main menu ?

What I have already tried:

Adding it to the content/Movies folder to remove the ! next to the file path (No luck fixing the other problems)

So I was able to come up with the answer myself just thought I would post it here in case some else had the same problem

It was rather simple just had to add it into the Event beginplay like so:

Create a new variable on your level blueprint search for media type and select reference, compile then

A new field will appear under the media type variable you created, simply select your movie

Compile again and drag in the get for the new variable you created

Attach to a play function and attach the whole thing together

Here is an image of the finished level BP (Just in case)