Media Texture video playback too fast in sequencer render output

I’m experiencing the same thing. I have produced my MP4 from an image sequence. The Unreal Sequencer playback is still broken in Unreal 4.25.3.

The fast speed image is from the Sequencer.

The normal speed image is from engine playback.

I’m a bit confused, sorry. I try to figure out what you guys are trying to say. I have been doing both recently without problems. I am playing a mp4 movie on a TV media texture and the speed is as expected. I also can play a sequence in game / run-time on screen without a problem. Are you trying to run the sequence directly on the media texture? Like with a surveillance camera next room showing what’s in the other room on TV?

The problem shows up when you use sequencer to render out your sequence (as mp4 or individual frames) and you have a media texture in that scene playing a video. Rendering like this is not real-time and if you examine the end result (the output .mp4 or individual frames made into a mp4) you find that the media texture playback speed is all wrong.
Unless you apply the workaround I described above.

Thanks for clarifying. I just checked it out rendering a sequence with a movie playing on a TV screeen (media texture). And yes - During recording the TV movie played at the correct speed. But the recording was slowing down the frames per second. In the rendered movie the movie on TV plays way too fast. It would only work if the capture would be at 50 fps real time speed. Good to know.

How did you get the sequencer to record the video? I must be missing something, because I only get a white texture…

It has to work during game play. Does it stay white when you play the game? Must be a wrong setting in the media texture. Open the media player asset and see if it plays in there.

Not sure what I changed but it started showing just fine.
Must have missed something in the media texture settings as you said.

Hi all, I’m still having this issue in 4.25.3. Is there any solution to this yet? Are we expecting a fix in 4.26.0? Thanks all

IslandPlaya has mentioned before, use image sequence for playback in sequencer. I was doing that for 4.25.3 . Do not use 4.26.0 for image sequence, it will fail!

Please Epic for the love of all that is good fix this. No matter how awkward it is for you to do so.

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I had this issue ( When rendering out sequencer scene with a TV playing Media Texture on it), You playback the render and the video on TV screen is way too fast. To fix it go into Level Blueprint, where you can set the speed for the Media Texture and slow it down from an Event tick. Please see Blueprint and example attached. Create a variable called TV Screen which is a Media Player type, pointing to the File Media Source. Then add Set rate node and Multiplication node to rate on Set Rate Node. Connect Set Rate and Multiplication node to event tick. Make Multiplication node a really small amount. ( I used 0.09) This worked for me. It might not be 100% accurate but it slowed the Media File on TV down to an acceptable speed.


Thanks Graeme, this is a good work around i’d say, although for me I multiplied it by 3.5 instead of 0.09 so i’m guessing this is going to be different for everyone.

I’m currently rendering 24fps at 2160p, tried doing 24fps 1080p and it turned out the same which wasn’t what i expected.

Hopefully we can get a good workaround for all as i cannot get normal play even with image sequencer which is the only way i render to get smooth playback when not using media textures.

Also using Unreal 4.25.3 in bootcamp on a mac pro 2013 if that helps anyone troubleshoot.

Hi, I’m a cinematographer quite new to Unreal. I have the same issue* for chroma keying. I’m trying to synchronize an actor inside a video texture within a sequence, the problem in my case is that the speed of the video texture gets slower depending on the resolution of the rendering… becoming useless…
It’s really a pity because the preview is really awesome…
I hope UE team can help with this! Pleaseeee!

I would also like to vote for this to be fixed. A lot of arch viz guys can run into this same problem if not fixed.

I am truly hoping for a fix but I am a bit devastated to see that there are threads on this forum dated back from 2015. I don’t think the guys are planning to fix anytime soon.

If you don’t want to have problems with the video render in sequencer use this method i use:…xzanderTheGeek

I described this workaround at the start of the thread. It is very inconvenient and you have to revert back to an mp4 if you want to package your product to a reasonable size.

Thanks alexzander1947 so much much for the video. It really fixes the synchronization problem. Just note that as in this way is just necessary to have video in a frame by frame sequence, without using VLC I could export it from Final Cut pro in my case and changed the media source from file media source to image media source. I understand IslandPlaya mentioned it before, but I could not understand how to do that, thanks anyway…

thank you for the Video! Would this work with png sequence in 4k with alpha channel?

Yoo guys

Anyone else experience heavy lag while rendering video textures with the sequencer? After a couple of frames the render freezes for a couple of seconds and then continues. The end result is synchronised though but it is a pain to wait so long.

I use 2 video png seq textures, 1 is with alpha so obviously it is heavy.

I see on the IMG source in the sequencer there are green lines indicating what is loaded, this is constantly a small portion of the whole clip. Is this loaded in RAM or on the graphic card? Is there a way to extend the availibility of ram so more can be stored? Or is this not the problem?

I have a 3090 card and 64GB ram so I think I should have enough… let me know!