Media Texture Scaling/Rotation RESET after Build

Hi guys,
I’m currently working on an interactive art project where many short videos applied to BSP’s shapes are the main part.

The videos over these BSP are applied as media textures, but the BSP have different shapes and various sizes, and also have different rotation, but static. I generally place these media texture video trying to entirely fit the BSP, where they are displayed like a TV screen.

I’ve found some issues when trying to rebuild the geometry of my map: the scaling and the rotations of some of these videos resets! What’s wrong?

Thank you, and sorry for my english.

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Hey Monstrucwacan,

So we try to advise users against using this feature as a major focus in their games as it is still in experimental stages. Since 4.7.6 we have made improvements to the stability of the Media Player, but it still has known encoding issues which we are working to have resolved.

For more insight on the feature and its current status, please read over our documentation for the feature.

Media Framework

I have also created a simple tutorial which can help explain your process as well. Instead of using a BSP (which are usually used for white boxing and as placeholders until replaced with an actual mesh), I would instead create a static mesh. You can then apply a material created from your Media Texture, and scale the Media Player video so it fits on your surface using a Texture Coordinate node within the material editor.

Media Player Tutorial

If you have any other questions please let me know.

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Scaling and rotation are not specific to media textures. Can you see if this happens with other textures as well? I bet it does.