Media Texture playing on all platforms but Surface Pro 3


We currently have mediatextures playing video on windows 7, iOS, and Android using MPEG-4 at 24fps and 1280x720 resolution, as this is the only format that seems to work accross all of these platforms.

It does not, however, play media on the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 Pro, and the texture remains black.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be an issue?

Hmm… I haven’t tried Windows 8.1 yet. I guess that WMF might be missing. Can you try this:

If that doesn’t work, try the VLC plug-in (requires compilation against Master branch): GitHub - ue4plugins/VlcMedia: Media Framework plug-in using the Video LAN Codec (libvlc).

The WMF suggestion did not work, as the install failed.

I will try the VLC plug-in and post back here wit the results

Also check the log to see if the WmfMedia plug-in failed to load because of missing dependencies.

WMF appears to be loaded, as its part of the module shut down process.

There were no references to failed loading of any videos either.