Media Texture disappearing after restarting project

Hey! I am a beginner, so i can mostly find an answer to my problems using google and this forums.
Anyway, this time i got a weird problem i could not fix by provided solutions…

I have successfully added a Media Texture using [this simple guide][1].
It works great so far, but i am encountering 2 problems:

1st problem: Once i close and re-open my project, the video just disappears from my Media Texture, so i always have to attach it again. Is there a way to completely save it? I dont want to attach all my videos to their corresponding Media Texture over and over again.

2nd problem(probably related to 1st problem): When i compile my project to .exe, the video does not play and appears black. The same happens via rightclicking my .uproject → “Launch Game”.

My video is inside Content/Movies folder and the blueprint part is also done:

Thanks in advance for any advices! :slight_smile:

Okay it seems like i got it fixed by myself. It comes out that my 2nd problem was part of the 1st problem.

I have just added a Material using the Media Texture, which seems to fix both problems. I guess once there is a Material using the Media texture, the Media Texture gets saved just like it should. (Correct me if i am wrong, but at least it fixed it for me :D)