Media Sound Wave not work since 4.12

I suggest you upgrade to 4.13. It will have lots of Media related fixes.

In editor, I do the follow steps to play media sound wave:

  1. Import a video as Media Player, then create Media Texture and Media Sound Wave from it
  2. Create a Material from the Media Texture
  3. Drag an empty actor to the level, then create a BP for it.
  4. Set actor’s material using the one created in step 2
  5. Add function to Begin Play Event in BP


Everything works fine in UE 4.11 (video and audio are both playing).
But when I do the same steps in UE 4.12.5, the video is playing without any sound.

I’m sure my headphone is working well, so I want to know if this is an issue of 4.12.

Any help is appreciate!