Media sound wave doesn't play

Hi there, I added an mp4 format video clip under Content/Movies folder and made it a media player, then right clicked it to create a media sound wave based on that, but unfortunately I cannot play the sound wave by any means.

What I have tried with no luck:

  1. Add the media sound wave into level and set it to play in level blueprint


  1. Play sound at certain place (the location is where I want it to be)


  1. Create an audio component variable which inherits from Movie_Wav class and play.

My headphone is fine and can play other sounds outside game, and I think the sound clip is not NULL since it has a duration of 10000 seconds.


Hey PhoenixThrough,

I have been experimenting with different ways to get the Media Sound Wave to play through various executions within blueprints. A few of them work a bit better than others, but in order for the sound to work at all you will want to make sure the Audio Track Index matches that of your Media Player Asset.

Media Player Asset

In this case, my Audio Track index is 1 and my Video Track index is 0. I had to set the Audio Track Index within the Media Sound Wave to 1 in order for the sounds to play. I am actually going to run a few more test to find the easiest way to set a Media Player Asset to play on trigger volume overlap with the associate Media Sound Wave. I feel a tutorial would be beneficial as well.

Let me know if this suggestion worked for you, or if you need some more help.


Hi Andrew, thanks for your quick response. Actually it’s my only choice to set the Video Track as Unnamed Track 1 and Audio Track as Unnamed Track 0, however that doesn’t work :frowning:


Hey PhoenixThrough,

No problem. What is the video format you are using?

I would like to let you know that this feature is still a work in progress and is considered experimental at this juncture. That being said, I will do my best to try and help you get your sound to play with your associated movie.

There is a bit of documentation on the Media Framework which shows you how to communicate with the Media Player Asset through Blueprints.

Media Framework Communication through Blueprints

Let me know if you were able to figure out a solution after giving the documentation a look, or if you still need some help.


Sorry I was stuck on some other urgent work these days and reply late.

My video clip is in mp4 format.

As I go through the media framework document, I think my way to create a media sound wave is alright, and the parent media player asset is set to auto-play.

What I want to achieve is similar with the TV asset in document example. The texture applied onto the TV is fine and can show the movie screen correctly, but there’s no sound while playing, so that’s why I’m trying to add a media sound wave asset into the level. Dunno if it’s feasible?

Hey PhoenixThrough,

No worries.

Yes this is feasible, but the consistency and reliability with getting the Media Sound Wave to play in conjunction with the Media Player is still being worked on. I spoke to the developer of the Media Player Asset about this and they told me getting the sound to play in sync with the video would work for shorter movies, but if it is a longer video the sync could become offset by numerous variables within the engine.

I have been attempting to find an optimal solution for getting this to work most consistently, and it seems the best way to do so would be to create a Blueprint and use casting and custom variables. With that in mind, the sound still only played a handful of times on my end. Your best bet would be to extract the sound of the movie you are attempting to play as a .WAV in an external program. Once you have done this you can just import as a regular Sound Wave file.

Until we are able to pull the Media Player asset from experimental to production ready, there are going to be hitches and workarounds needed to get the full functionality. It’s issues like the one you are experiencing which progress the feature forward and provides the developers with great feedback in order to improve and fix any issues that could occur in future releases.


Thanks for your update on the movie-sound sync problem. Before that, I wanna get my sound wave played first. I followed the step in media asset doc and it wouldn’t play anyway. Do you have more suggestions on this?

Hey PhoenixThrough,

So after a long series of testing I managed to find a way to get my ‘Media Sound Wave’ to play on ‘EventBeginOverlap’ for the associated ‘Media Player Asset’. Although this method “works” it is still buggy, and you might experience undesired results. For example, some of the time when my player overlaps the trigger volume, the game will hitch and pause until the movie playback begins.

With being said, I have gone ahead and created an in depth bug report for this issue. The tag associated with the report is UE-12185. As for a time-frame when a fix will be implemented, I cannot say as of yet. We do appreciate your patience while we find a solution for this issue.

Blueprint Set-Up

Be sure when creating your media player variables to set them to the correct type. i.e. Media Sound Wave for Media Sound & Media Player for Media Movie variable.

Construction Script

Here we set the Media Player and associated Media Sound.

Overlap Event

This part is the tricky section that you might want to play around with, but I was able to get my sound to at least play some of the time with this scripting logic.

Event End Play

This section is pretty straightforward and should behave as shown.

Scene Set-Up

This is what my set up looks like in my level. Fairly simple approach. I just created my own 3D model for my TV Screen and applied the material to the correct surface.

Hopefully this gets you in a somewhat functional direction. Let me know what ends up being the overall outcome, and if you managed to find a more efficient way of playing your Media Sound Wave.


Thanks a lot! It all works now~ I tried it for about one and a half hour and no obvious sound track offset, which means I can at least finish a movie without bad experience with sound. It’s really fantastic!

I just want to add that audio support is only a hack right now, and only on Windows. Better support for audio is planned as part of our Roadmap