Media sound is silent when owner BP nativize packaged

Media sound component is silent when BP native packaged.

Repro Steps:
1,Create File Media Source
2,Media Player - Texture asset
3,Create Material - domain → User interface
4,Add to widget & open source BP
5,Add a Media Sound Component in GameMode BP
6,Check the Nativize option on GameMode BP
7,Packaging setting Blueprint Nativization Method → Exclusive
8,Package for windows 10

Video plays normally, but no audio.Somebody know that?

If you want audio that media player is playing when you playing the game(not editor) You have to create a empty actor BP then create a "Media audio"asset in this BP,pick a MediaPlayer eg.“My MediaPlayer” you created,when you set a logic “play” “My MediaPlayer”,you will hear it’s audio in game(not editor)