Media Players Out of Sync with Image Sequence Renders

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to produce a 360 LatLong image sequence from a level in 4.21. I am using various media players for textures throughout the level. When I render the image sequence, the media players do not retain frame sync while the frame renders. I.e. Media player should advance one frame and hold during the render process. Instead, it continues to play at its own pace. The net effect of this is that any media textures playback in a choppy/“fast forward” looking way.

When I first encountered this in 4.18, someone from Epic said that the issue would be fixed in 4.20. I’ve since moved my project to 4.21 and have the same issue. Has this been fixed? Am I missing something that I need to update in the project in moving from 4.18 to 4.21?


I would like to know the same thing, please help!!

I have just had the same problem with 4.22.3… I was doing an AR video and had to eventually export CG with alpha mask to Nuke to do the comp, which increased the workload perhaps 10 times… Terrible nightmare…

Try using an Image Sequence media source instead of a video source for your media player. Most video decoders aren’t designed to seek to specific frames so when Sequencer tries to seek backwards to the correct frame when going to render the next frame of your movie the underlying video decoder may not be giving the correct information.

For cinematic rendering of media textures instead of media players Use Media Tracks in Sequencer with any image sequence as source. Video doesn’t provide the ability to jump to specific frames