Media Player won't play when placed in UMG widget


I am currently trying to get a video to play in a UMG widget using the new media player that was made available in 4.5. I have been able to get the video to play when it is applied to a surface texture but when I try to place the same media player in a widget (as a material created from the texture) it only displays a black box when I press the play button.

I have followed the media framework documentation forum post as much as possible however the UMG section refers to content in the content examples that are not in the most recent version of the content examples.

The video file I am using for the media player is located in the correct folder (project/content/movies/) and I have made the UMG widget to mimic the widget in the files posted by gmpreussner in the forum post.

Below are screenshots of my current widget in a fresh project. Please let me know if you need any other information.


The current layout of the project with the media texture playing on the ground and media player in the widget displaying only as a black box:

The Widget Blueprint containing the image for the media player:

The event graph for the Widget:

The Level Blueprint for the project:

In your MediaPlayer_Material connect your media texture output to the emisive channel of the material.

Thank you so much! It works perfectly now.

I’m sorry. I can’t get it. Can you explain how can I make a material? So far I have my FileSource, MediaTexture… but how about material and how can I set it on my widget ? thanks