Media Player - Webcam Stream

Hey guys,

I’ve been really impressed with the updates and attention to the Media Player in the last few updates. Loading big chunky videos into a game engine is definitely not my favorite thing to deal with, but it’s a necessary evil for a lot of AR/VR development so we keep trucking. Much thanks to devs like gmpreussner!

For this project I’m trying to develop a system with a webcam input. It seems like something that makes its rounds on the Forums and AnswerHub every once in a while (as well as a UE4 RoadMap or two) but I’m curious if the StreamMediaSource could be a new door for live video streaming into 4.14. I’m definitely nothing more than a networking novice and am just starting to break into C++ coding after leaning on Blueprints for so long, but the “Stream URL” input makes me wonder if it’s possible to use something like VLC or OBS to locally host a webcam stream to something like an RTSP, HTTP, UDP, etc without needing to send the stream out onto the web just to pull it back into the Stream Media Source.

Does anyone have any input or ideas for this method? After looking into it it seems like there are a few projects in development like the VLC Plugin on GitHub and even a DirectShow Plugin a user put together that unfortunately seems to only be working on 4.10. I’m struggling a bit with what external code (if any) to implement so any input is really appreciated!