Media player video texture is black in one project, and not black in others

I opened the Medieval Game Environment that Quixel made from the free marketplace. I wanted to add a mp4 on a plane to the Medieval Village_P map. I followed a youtube video tutorial called Unreal Engine 4 Green Screen Tutorial. It works fine in other projects, but not in this particular map. I can see the video in color when I am in unlit mode, but not lit mode. When I hit the play button this is what I see. How do I correct this so the video is in color and not all black in lit mode?

Is this map created with Static lighting? If there are now movable or stationary lights in your scene then the engine will have not light data to map onto your actor and it will appear black as the game believes there are no light sources affecting it. Try bringing in a “movable” point light above the actor and build lighting. Report back if this is not the problem, if not it could be a matter of looking at you’re projects render settings.

This map is not created with static lighting. Adding the point light only shows a brighter black spot when I hit play. I am looking at the render settings, but I don’t see a difference between other maps where the color shows, and this map that is black.

Hmm, based on the fact that you can see the shape of the character I. The media player, it must be linked properly, unless there is some other material node overwriting your base color, then I can only image it’s an issue with the render settings or material issue. The only othering I could image is some strange issues with redirectors when you moved the file over from you’re other project.

The file was not moved from another project. I created the video texture in two separate projects and only in this one it is black. I added another free item from the marketplace called WaterMill Environment to my project today. I selected 2 static meshes and dropped them in this map. The cart is in color, and the waterwell is black. The waterwell is animated and the cart is not.
Thanks for all your help with this.

The answer was to increase the emissive of the parent material by adding a multiplier in the blueprint. I used 150 multiple but the value may change based on the situation.