Media Player Textures Dropping Frames When Pressing Play!

Hi all,

I have a simple scene with 2 media player textures. One is a 1080p feed from a capture card on a plane. The other is a 640 x 480 webcam feed on a 3d object (although it acts the same on a plane). When viewing the scene in a viewport it looks fine and both feeds are smooth. The moment I hit play the webcam feed drops to a couple of random frames maybe every 1-2 seconds. I have tried changing the order that they are started and it always seems to be the webcam for some reason. Using the webcam only it runs fine when pressing play. Myself and a friend more experienced in Unreal have both looked for anything that might cause the issue but with no luck. Does anyone know if there is a reason for this to happen?

The FPS is a constant 120 / 8.3ms, my CPU/GPU/RAM are all fine so I can’t think why this would be happening unless it’s a result of using 2 live camera feeds when playing? Weird that it would work OK when in the viewport though.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer on this!