Media player texture speed control

I am using a media file (wmv) as a texture and I want to have the speed of the clip ramp up then play as you look at it then slow down and stop when you look away.

I have tried to do this in my blueprint as follows with a timeline hooked to a play rate node on a float track going from 1-0/0-1 etc but it does not have any affect on the video playback speed. Is there another way to do this?

It will pause and play ok but no change in playback speed. I am assuming it is not supported at the moment. Are there any plugins out there that may help?

I also have a problem when I play/pause the media asset. It flashes black before it pauses, anyone know of a way to have it pause/start seamlessly without the flash, I assume again this is a limitation of the media integration?

Thanks in advance

Just for anyone else who experiences this problem with wmv files. I ended up switching to .avi’s which seem to work much more efficiently and do not have the ‘black frame’ appear when playing/stopping files

Whenever I export a video sequence, everything works fine except the video texture applied to a plane. The speed of the video texture gets 10x faster than it should. How to adjust it?