Media player stops playing asset when closed


So ive got a media player playing a file on loop in a playlist (it is the only file) i have attached this to a card and all works well WHEN I HAVE THE PLAYER OPEN.
as soon as i close this the texture card goes white as if the texture has stoped loading or is not getting the video information from the player.

how can have the media player constantly loop or play even after its closed ?
i found a check box saying not to be affected by PIE but no joy, my video playlist still goes blank the second i close the media player window

what am i doing wrong

also can i script when i start cinematic output or hit the platy button from where it starts ?

thank you !

Same issue here.

I’d really like to receive at least some feedback from the staff on this issue that seems to affect a lot of users?

I found a way to fix it thought i should write it down here, way i got around it was to setup a blueprint that played the file both in editor and also when my cinematic started.
Works like a charm now

For each video i have a video player linked to a video texture and a playlist, a custom blueprint takes all three of these and initiates play via the construction script or on tick during runtime / cinematic render.

I did find using frames was better than a mp4 and also solved any frame rate speed play back issues.

TLDR: do it via a blueprint and point it to a texture assign the media / playlist to is and start playback via a blueprint

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Will try right away, sir!

Thank you ever so much for sharing :-).

I hope I can figure it out this way.

Still, it’s so strange - it doesn’t happen to me in another project, where the Media Players will properly save / “remember” the media source files - although not always, but most of the time…

Thanks again - will let you know if this fixes it for us as well!

No problem!, i know it was driving me crazy!!! But using the blueprint to brute force the video worked!
maybe thats the intended function now ? will post that project up when its done

Hey! I’m new to Unreal and especially blueprints. Can you guys please post a screenshot of a blueprint so I can replicate it?
Also for some reason when I add video on a plane to the sequencer it plays in camera but not in the final render, can you please biggest something?