Media Player showing no media

As per documentation I pasted the video in the Content/movies folder.

Then Created a source where I selected the .mov file.

Created a medias player and selected the source file but the player shows no media in the preview.

If anyone could help it would be a very helpful.


Im currently attempting to find answers to the same question… have done everything right to all the tutorials but thin there may be a file format/codex’s incompatibility with the engine. Will be trying to export out of different editing software etc… but will let you know how i get on…

In the media player option double click in the video file.

It was a small step.

I have the same problem. Only sound, but no video.
Did you solve the problem?
May be it is an UE5 bug?

I’m having the same problem. Its defiantly a UE5 bug, if you change from DirectX 12 to Default you will be able to use the Media Player however you lose access to Path Tracing.

it is really strange ,i am running Ok with one project, failed in another project.same step, same vedio.

Same for me on May 1st 2022, it does not work with DirectX12 but it works with Default settings…

Seen some people having success with Vulkan so maybe give that a go? Still get Nanite and Lumen and there doesnt seem to be much of a noticable perfomance hit compared to DX12.

Hello everyone!

I have the same problem, I can only hear the audio.
I tried different video formats but nothing works, I’m even using a video provided by the Unreal Engine documentation and it doesn’t work SampleVideo.mp4

I’m using Unreal version 5.0.1

If anyone knows how to fix it, I’d really appreciate it,


change video player in plugins“electric player”