Media Player - Open Source performance issues


I am currently developing a game on PC and PS4 that plays a number of videos sequentially and the order is dynamically determined by the player. We have been unable to reach a consistent 60fps and after profiling, it seems related to the game blocking on the Open Source blueprint that plays the video. I’ve noticed this hitch on both platforms. In my most recent PC profile, MediaPlayer.OpenSource took 11.1 ms.

I’ve tried setting our file media sources to both precache and not and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Our movie assets are mp4’s and range in size from 7mb to 80mb (we’ve tried a number of different encodings). Am I missing a setting that will stop this blocking?

We are using 4.19.

I found a work around using “Utilities -> Async Load Asset” to preload the movies. I didn’t see this before as I was doing the majority of my work within functions and macros.