Media player not working

I have a problem, I am trying to build a game that has some video content in it.
When I test it inside the UE4.15, it works, but when I package the game (Shipment configuration for Windows 64 bits ), and open the game from the directory where it was exported, the video is not playing. I followed the exact steps from the video tutorial, but still not working in the actual game, only in the UE4.15 Emulator.
Please be patient, I am 17 years old.
Can you please help me?

Take a look at this thread: Media player not working after packaging - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

"First thing copy your movie file to the content\movies folder in your project. Import the file in UE4… this will create Media Player Asset in the editor…

Open up the new Asset and in the File or URL section reset the URL/file. Next click on the ‘File or URL’ again and add the file you want to play…

Notice that the paths change completely from absolute to relative path.

this will now package correctly and play from any location."

or Imported Video Not Playing In Packaged Game - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

“i realized i had place placed the file in a folder in the contents directory called Video’s, however the folder name MUST be called Movies (Rookie mistake).”