Media player not accepting 8k video ?

Hey there !
Just a very simple question, I have been experiencing some work with stereoscopic videos that I am importing into ue4 but I really don’t know why, it refuses to play video past a resolution of 5.5k * 5.5k Does anybody know if there is a restriction here and if it is possible to lift it ? I would like to play 8k videos here. Thanks a bunch !

I’m not sure and don’t know a lot about this, but it could be something to do with video encoding. As you’re saying you’re attempting to have 5.5 x 5.5k, but 8K UHD is known as 7680×4320. The encoding might not recognize the dimensions you’re using… but then again Idk.

oooooooo i wish i know… -_-
i can play 4096x4096 on OculusGO but only on random occasion, but 4000x4000 works fine.
On GearVR i can’t play 4000x4000 video, but on the devices itsel the player support 6k.
On pc it’s supported 8k resolution for texture but media player and codec are far behind in development.

I guess it’s not a “game” related problem so you just ask for enterprise solution in the Unreal studio forum.

I haven’t tried it yet, but 4.24 added support for HAP video codec and we used it extensively for large scale multimedia productions, so it might be the way to go.