Media Player Limited to 4 videos on GearVR / Galaxy S6?

Hello guys,
I’m experiencing a weird problem: I am playing 360° videos on a sphere by using a Media Texture and the Media Framework. Target platform is the Gear VR (Galaxy S6/Marshmallow version).
Currently I can play several videos on my sphere (selecting them from a sort of menu) but, after the fourth, I cannot see them anymore!
I can still watch one of the previous selected videos, but not the fifth. The problem appears regardlessly from the videos selection order, so it shouldn’t be a video issue.

Looks like some variables/caches/buffers are not cleared correctly, is there a way to re-init the media player or any related stuff?
Does anyone experienced this behaviour?

Thank you!

Hi Christian,

I’ve setup a simple project to try and reproduce this but I’m not seeing the same results on my end. Would you be willing to share the project or a project that recreates this that I can use for investigations? At the very least a more detailed setup for how you’re setting these up to play. For instance, are you calling another video to play as soon as one finishes or are these solely selectable from a main menu of multiple videos that you just trigger to change the video material to show a different video?

Thank you!


Thanks Tim for investigating!
Unfortunately, for a couple of weeks I will not be able to get my hands on a GearVR device, so I will not be able to create a sample project that reproduces the issue…
The videos are started only by selecting some buttons, and I have a blueprint (let’s call it MovieSphere) in which I set the movie and the audio to be played.
The MovieSphere’s Start function is called, and the video is stopped when the user press a button or a timer is fired (strangely, the OnEndReached is not fired as well, so I set a timer with a duration equal to the movie length).
In attachment the Start and Stop functions (don’t know if they are meaningful).


If these info are not sufficient, could you please keep the bug report open as long as I have the GearVR back and I can create the sample project?
Thank you!

no problem keeping it open. I’ll give this a shot and let you know where I get. It may be a day or two as I work on other assigned tasks as well.

When you get a chance, if you have a simple test project that would be helpful at this point. When I ran through this had six different video files I was able set these to swap out more materials than 4 so I’m not exactly sure at the moment.

When you get time feel free to post here or shoot me the project in a PM on the forums and I can test it from there. Thanks!

Thank you! I’ll post a sample project as soon as I get my hands on a GearVR :slight_smile:

Hi Christian,

For the moment, I’m going to close this ticket out since I’m waiting on your test once you have the GearVR’s back in hand to test.

Just post back here and it will automatically re-open the ticket for me to look at.