Media player issues in 4.18 ...

Hi everyone,

I know there is a new media framework in 4.18
I have a media setup in my game that suddenly kicks out errors if play the game in the editor.
In 4.17.2 it worked fine.
Just wondering if someone can throw me a clue to fix this quickly.
Thank you !!

Also I am not getting notifications on subscribed to threads anymore.
I don’t see settings anywhere on this new forum interface for selecting email directly or daily like it used to be.
Any clues? :slight_smile:

Never mind found it. Subscribe setting sis under profile :slight_smile:

I can get rid of the errors but the media that plays in the viewer is white.
The transitions between levels work fine I just cant get to play the right video file / playlist index.
All I see in the viewer is pure white.

O.k. … finally figured it out.
You have to create a media texture type variable now.
Below are the new setups.
It works now yay!!

not it dont works :frowning:

Setup exacly like at Your pictures Only Media player variable in my subject is renamed to Intro Media Player;
Compiler fails with log:

LogBlueprint: Error: [Compiler Intro_Cutscene_Widget] The property associated with Intro Media Player could not be found
LogBlueprint: Error: [Compiler Intro_Cutscene_Widget] Couldn’t find target for dynamically bound delegate node Assign On End Reached

I used Your tutorial to make this and i have same problem. But with your solution it isnt work correctly

BTW good work with that tutorials :slight_smile:

not working for me :frowning:

This worked for me in 4.18 if you guys are building this in 4.19 things might have changed again.
I don’t have time to figure this out right now but if you do figure it out please post it here.
Thank you :slight_smile:

This solution works for me in 4.19.

So basically

It works because Media Texture variable you created is linked (set as default) to The Media Texture assert you created, The Media Texture file is linked to the Media player assert that was linked by Media Player variable you created (set as default). & the Playlist assert is linked to the Media player variable via Open Playlist Index function call.

So when you call the event Playcutscene, by ‘L’ or ‘P’, The Cutscene Index was send to the playlist assert, & since Media Texture variable was linked through in the chain to Playlist, which I mentioned earlier, when you link Media Texture variable to apply at the white image, it works.

Also, I know someone who knows someone whose cousin knows someone, who knows his uncle works as a Janitor at Microsoft.

Note: I do have a small issue, which is the video doesn’t start smoothly with video often start with the other video in the playlist got cut, then the right one is placed. Not sure the problem is in the coding or the playlist. In any case, I waste many hours on this, so I need a break.

Big thank you for posting that :slight_smile:

Please help. I try to create variable-media texture, and media texutre self. but I dont know how to link node from media player to attach target media texture at widget event graph. the result I follow your step is only playing white screen with audio and when I skip the video the sound still playing. I try to change Z order to showing video but its doesnt work. please help me. I think you need to make another tutorial for this.