Media Player is not in Sync with Matinee make movie


I’m trying to render out a movie with Matinee make Movie
and I’m having issues with Media Player not following the Movie Capture rate

During capturing, I have 5-6 frames per second playback of the build
and when I play the resulted Avi, or Image sequences, the Media player video is playing with double, tripple speed

is there a solution to this? a way to specify to follow the movie capture frame rate?

thank you

Hey TTFL1 -

Standard playback speeds for video playback range from 24 fps to the standard 29.97 frames per second (30fps). The playback speed is not controlled by the movie itself but by the playback software or device. You can change the playback speed of Windows Media Player, instructions here. If you are referring to the Media Materials you will need to reimport your movie as a Media Texture and in the Media Texture Editor adjust the Auto Play rate to a fraction of the standard 30 fps. (For your 5 frames per second that would be .1666 playback rate)

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Has the Auto Play rate been removed? I am trying to render out a sequence which has a media texture that’s playing a video and the speed is crazy