Media Player has very poor quality on Mac

We’re having a nasty issue with the Media Player framework on Mac: MP4 videos look heavily compressed and much darker. We’re fairly positive the issue is directly with the Avf codec and a potential colorspace conversion (ie: blue shades turn directly to black). This is happening at least on two older Macs running High Sierra. Same videos on Windows work fine.

At first I thought Media Textures could be the problem, but the video looks wrong directly when played through the Media Player. Please look at the attachments — the differences are very noticeable in fullscreen, especially in dark areas, and this is ruining the game experience for our Mac users.

We’ve been experiencing this issue since 4.20 and the problem persists with 4.21.1. Any Mac developers who can share their experience? Perhaps a quick and dirty workaround? I’m not afraid of experimenting with the source code, but I’m not sure where to begin looking.

Many thanks in advance!


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.


Thanks, Jeff, I’ll do that right now!

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Did you ever find a solution or what was causing the low resolution problem on video files?