Media Player Framework not working in shipping build for Android

I want to create a TV in my game. I am using UE Media Player, which works fine in editor and packaged game for Windows, but it does not work on my Samsung Note 4. When I package the game in development mode, the Media Player displays my movie on Android but when I package in shipping mode, it is not working anymore.

I have already set all settings I found in different answers for Media Player: connected video texture to “Base Color” and “Emissive Color”, disabled “Use Lightmap…” in Mobile settings in material, checked if path to video file is relative, set Android Media Player for Android devices and also converted movie to MPEG-4 for Samsung Note. None of this worked for me.

I found in my Android logs that when I am trying to turn on my TV, the following errors occur:
E/MediaPlayerService(500): WFD client is not created
E/Parcel(500): Reading a NULL string not supported here.

but I do not know what does it mean.

Is there any additional setting I forgot about? Does anyone have problem with Media Player on shipping build for Android?

[Android Log][3]

I’m having the same issue when packaging for android etc2, for use with the gear VR. All of my video materials render black with no video in the finished build, but work totally fine in editor.