Media Player Framework Functionality Support!

I can’t be the only one that wants the media player framework to work correctly and not be broken, currently it is broken and pretty much unusable for a shippable title, can I get others to press the issue and rally to get the support we need & want? Please join me on this thread and get Epic to give the media player framework the support it needs so we can start combining and games.

Hey Polemos,

We appreciate your suggestion on how to better the Unreal Engine. I have submitted a feature request to our developers regarding media player framework support. If for any reason you need to reference this report, please refer to: UE-12500


Hey polemos this is something that is being looked at and are hoping to make traction on soon. Ideally this is something we can address as part of our 4.8 release, thanks!

I’d love the feature also, very much. Would be great to create virtual environments to watch a movie or in game content. So many possibilities.

Thank you so much this will be a huge help!

If you can address this is the 4.8 release that would be AMAZING and epic will make good money off my companies work with this feature polished, I was a former LEad Designer at Activision and Started in the game industry as a game tester with acclaim I have a Bachelors in computer engineering and would donate my time for free with your engineer that is working on this feature to help support him & get this framework polished up and usable for 4.8 release. I would love to talk offline with whoever could utilize me. I could help please let me…

We currently have a couple guys looking into platform specific media support, particularly deployment, including mobile.

Feel free to push pull requests to GitHub. I am completely slammed right now and won’t be able to do major work on the media framework for a couple more weeks, but I will happily review any fixes and improvements. Thanks!