Media Player doesn't play WAV file on Android

MediaPlayer works fine playing a WAV file for spectral analysis in Windows, but the same blueprint that makes it do that in Windows does not work on Android.

Is this something to do with the fact that it’s WAV file and not something more compatible with Android media framework, or do I just need to wait longer until MediaPlayer is “ready”? Or do I need to put the WAV file in a specific folder? do I need to tell packaging options to copy files in certain folders?

Have a look here: UE4 \ Play Video on Mobile or Android - YouTube

Thank you for the link. I opted to try another way.

I talked to one of the devs (I think) who informed me that this is a much harder way to obtain spectrum or envelope information in a usable form, than what is provided since 4.22 (I think).

So instead of media player, I am simply using my Wav asset with FFT envelope baking turned on, and using an Event (also provided now) for whenever the envelope updates, to drive the glow on my materials to pulse to the beat of the music (since the beats are the loudest part of the music, I can ignore anything below a certain envelope level).

The reason this way is better is because the baked envelope info (or spectrum data if you care about the frequency rather than the volume) is baked into a curve, instead of being a scatter plot like if you picked it up raw in real time. You can determine the curve precision and sample window length in the wav asset options.

And yes, it works pretty much the same on PC and Android :slight_smile: So I am happy with this solution.

any solutions about media player doesnt work on android?