Media Plate has no depth blur


I’m working a lot with video footage inside unreal and I wondered if anyone could help me with a simple workflow method for working with exr/png sequences.

So far I just create an image media source of the sequence and drag it into the editor. It works amazingly well - it automaticallly creates a MediaPlate instance and you can customize the texture, and easily drag into into the sequencer automatically making a media channel.

This is SO close to what i need. Ease of use, simple streamlined workflow for multiple clips. HOWEVER - The problem seems to be that the MediaPlate instance is not affected by depth of field. So the video clips are always super sharp.

My question is, can a hack this method above to make depth of field work on my MediaPlate instance? Why is DOF not working?

Or do I have to do the extremely complicated and annoying process of media player- media texture- media player blueprint etc, and lose the simplicity???

Any help would be much appreciated

Just solved it. You change the Blend Mode of the Media Plate material to Masked - So far it works fine. Will report back if it has limitations…I’m guessing the mask may be of less quality but hopefully the DOF will hide that :slight_smile: