Media Performance

Hi almighty internet,

I am struggling with the streaming media on the Oculus Go.
I have four videos that are streamed on four meshes. All four streams start and run smooth, but when the video is played until 1:40- 1:50 minutes some of the video streams get stuck and I get a freezeframe on those, but the other movies still play as they should.
Am I running out of memory or why could this happen? Are the videofiles too big? Is the internet connection too slow?

Some informations to the videos:
3 videos have a datarate of 2MBits and one of 3MBits and one is around 1300x400 big and the others 700x500. And they are all 2:45 minutes long.
My wlan connection has 300KBits.

Is there a limitation on how long the streamed movie should be or how does the unreal exactly handle the mediastreaming?


as a note:
I have launched the project to another Oculus Go and there everything works. None of the videos freezes.
Here is Link to the bugreport I have added.

now the freeze accures on all devices :confused:
At begin play I open all the stream media sources and when the player enters a trigger all four players are set to play. But then after 1:40 minutes some movies freeze again!