Media Framework Windows 10, no video regardless of format

I have been running windows 10 for quite some time but I have only recently started playing around with the Media Framework so im not sure if it’s a recent issue in 4.8 or just due to windows 10 not having Windows Media Player built in anymore so possibly not having the WMF API available perhaps.

Has anybody else tested or noticed this at all in Windows 10? I have all plugins enabled for media playback and have installed a wide variety of codecs so should be able to handle multiple video formats.

Any alternatives for decent video playback that people have found if this is a common issue?

Also I should point out that regardless of the media format the actual asset within UE4 believes there is no source file selected and gives the warning “please pick a media source in the details panel!” so it definitely doesn’t appear to recognize anything to do with the videos selected. This happens on the content examples files too.

Nevermind, seems I was running the N version of windows which doesn’t include any of the media player files, but regular versions of Windows 10 should do.

The search doesn’t appear to work so well on the Microsoft site but I now found the correct files (could only get windows 8 1s previously) Download Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10 from Official Microsoft Download Center there is the download link to anybody else having the same problem