Media Framework/Media Playback

Hi I hope that I’m at good place to ask this questin and I’ll do my best to express myself clearly considering that english is not my first language.

Here’s my question is there a way to know if we can use live action video in Unreal Engine at a 4k resolution and 60fps framerate and with a relatively good bitrate?

Right now everytime that I try to watch a video in the media framework of UE4 it lags as hell. Bink video licence is too expensive and the best plug-in for good video playback that I found is only for Unity and I prefer Unreal: AVPro Video - RenderHeads

What I would like to do is 360 interactive video experience. A little like what this guys are offering, but with more features;

Thank You

I too am wanting this as well. Be able to render 4k 360 videos at 60 fps out of the box. Something like this would cripple Unity and more people would switch to UE4

With 4.18 the media framework gets a complete overhaul, dropping in mid October.
This could be what you guys are waiting for.
At the moment this kinda footage might be a little beefy to be piped in in realtime.

Yes! No need to be in realtime, I know it will be beefy. But if I can develop 360 interactive experiences with real footage/live video, I don’t mind waiting for preview or render