Media Framework for Mac

Is media playback or video playback working on the mac yet or not? gmpreussner said he was working on it last week?

Hey Jojo, is currently out on vacation and the task has been temporarily delegated. If this is the issue that you’re referring to specifically: It does look like it’s still scheduled for 4.13 right now, but it isn’t in the previews yet.

Yea I know he told me, sorry for nagging about this Ive been wanting to use this forever on the mac ever since I found out you can do this kinda cool stuff in a game, the waiting is killing me, but if it for some reason doesnt get into 4.13 do you know if it will be in 4.14 for sure?

I couldn’t say 100% if this gets punted that it will for sure be in 4.14, but I can’t think of a reason why not. The second preview of 4.13 isn’t going out right now and there is still plenty of time for more fixes before the final release, so there is still a solid it will make it in.

With a bit of luck an initial AVFoundation implementation will now make it into 4.13 for Mac/iOS/tvOS with any necessary improvements to follow in future releases.