Media framework doesn´t work on iOS

Hello, I am trying to make a 360 video player for iOS, I followed the [steps][1] to add videos to the level, and they works fine on editor, but the screen remains black on the iPhone

The problem is about the media player, because replacing it with a static image works fine.

On this blueprint, the event on the top is being called on the editor but NOT on the iPhone

I dont know what to do to get it working :frowning:

PD: I am working on a Mac, building for an iPhone SE, the current project is just an empty project with 1 blueprint, 1 level and 1 material

Thanks in advance.

Anything in the log file?

Mmmmm, it seems that the assets inside Content/Movies are not being loaded, not the mp4, the uassets

link to log file: Google Drive: Sign-in